Bringing Trust and Transparency to Online Property Search
Domus is a blockchain-enabled protocol for crowdsourcing and validating real estate data in emerging property markets.
Online Property Search is Still a Challenge in Many Markets
The web has become the default "go-to" channel for home buyers and renters. And yet, for 3 billion people around the world finding a home online can still be a very frustrating and time-consuming experience.
In many markets, up to 90% of online listings across numerous property search portals can be inaccurate, unavailable, or simply fake. The result is that buyers waste a lot of time investigating the wrong properties or properties that do not even exist.
This lack of transparency creates friction, which deters buyers and sellers from making a mutually beneficial agreement. This, in turn, severely affects market liquidity.
Bringing Quality Real Estate Data to Opaque Markets
Domus Protocol is a solution for building community-driven property databases in the markets that lack access to quality real estate information.
Domus uses blockchain technology to collect crowd-sourced property information, to reward members who contribute high-quality property data, and to prevent malicious data entries.
Get access to high-quality real estate listings database
Online property portals
Buyers and sellers
Earn success fees from real estate transactions
Easier and more efficient way to search for homes, using reliable up-to-date information
Global marketing platform for home owners to sell real estate faster, while spending less on fees
The Benefits
Looking into the future, Domus Protocol is aimed to become the foundation for a network that will unite online real estate portals all over the world into a global marketing platform.
Who is Behind Domus
Domus is being developed by Hipflat (, an online real estate search portal used by millions of home buyers and renters in Thailand.
Hipflat in numbers
Hipflat launched
monthly organic
page views
active property listings
monthly leads
The company was established in 2013 and is backed by well-known international VCs and business angels, including 500 Startups and Japanese publicly listed companies OPT and Aucfan.
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